Meet Simone Craig

Events Lead

Simone Craig is a seasoned Event Design and Management consultant with over two decades of experience. She has earned a solid reputation in International Strategic Program Development, Product Launches, Congresses, and Project Management. Her expertise spans various domains, with a particular emphasis on advocating for technology and innovation within the event industry.

Specialising in providing consultancy services, Simone assists companies in leveraging automation and technology to enhance the delivery and management of event programs. Her proficiency in utilising connected technologies and Project Management methodologies ensures consistently successful project outcomes.

Throughout her career, Simone has achieved significant milestones, including steering strategic programs, overseeing complex global system transitions, orchestrating Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology product launches, and managing global event and exhibition launches. Her versatility shines through her ability to adapt and excel across diverse sectors such as Finance, Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals, Entertainment, Media and Publishing, as well as Local and Central Government.